An Award-Winning Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, CO


    The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Boulder, Colorado, and is run by the Boulder Museum of Art. Galleries host internationally acclaimed shows featuring work by local and international artists as well as more interdisciplinary presentations. There is even a small theater that brings local independent cinema to the public every month. The museum has won many awards, including the coveted presto prize five times. This art gallery is dedicated to exposing new and emerging artists in the Boulder area while also presenting well-rounded works by professional artists from around the world. Learn information about Boulder, CO here.

    The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Boulder specializes in contemporary art of the twenty-first century and features both contemporary and traditional interpretations of visual culture. The focus is on conceptualization, presentation, installation, performance, and result. This gallery has an extensive permanent collection that is continually growing due to the constant additions and removals of new and recently acquired artists. In addition to contemporary art, this gallery presents work by unknown artists, artifactual objects, natural history, and jewelry. There is a dedicated Children's section as well as an archive section that houses a large collection of children's art. Discover facts about An Intriguing Information About Andrews Arboretum in Boulder, Colorado.

    In addition to a huge permanent collection of contemporary art, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder is home to a very well-rounded summer series of events and programs that focus on new and emerging artists and their artwork. There is also a Kids' Zone with a wide range of hands-on activities as well as free art classes for children. This museum is so much more than a mere art gallery. It is a complete experience that anyone who is in Boulder, Colorado, should definitely be able to afford. It truly is a paradise for art lovers.