• An Intriguing Information About Andrews Arboretum in Boulder, Colorado


    Andrews Arboretum in Boulder, Colorado, is a beautiful garden arboretum consisting of eleven acres of landscape architecture. The garden was developed by the late Dr. William Andrews, who had received his doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1939. Dr. Andrews was also a renowned botanist. He began working on this landscape design after he retired from the U.S. National Park Service. Learn more here.
    Andrews Arboretum in Boulder, Colorado, is the perfect spot for a stroll through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Located at the south end of Broadway Street between Pearl Street and Marine Drive, it is easy to access from the South Platte Riverwalk. This arboretum has many paths through its landscaped gardens that you can choose to walk through or take a motorcycle tour through. Andrews Arboretum in Boulder is free to visit, but there are a few strict rules that you should follow if you wish to use the garden. Learn more about the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History in Boulder, CO - A Wonderful Educational Venue.

    There are no wild animals or birds in the park, which is why the garden is closed on Saturdays. Also, please note that due to the laws of nature preservation, glass feeders are prohibited within three feet of the perimeter of the garden. The only exception to this is when there are potted plants in the garden, such as azalea or a grapevine.