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    At Crysen, we feel that it is our duty to protect the population of Boulder, Jefferson, Broomfield, Denver and the surrounding counties from dangerous insect borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease and Zika Virus by providing services that are not only effective for humans and pets but the environment as well.


    We want our customers to live in a worry-free environment where fear of being attacked and pestered by harmful pests is not present in mind.


    It's your property, stop letting pests dictate your use of it!




    We have a diverse arsenal of treatment options to cater to your specific needs!


    Choose from a variety of service options Crysen has available for your residential property. Every spray comes with Crysen's service satisfaction guarantee and the Crysen promise.

  • The R-Spray

    Crysen's residential treatment option.


    The R-Spray is a comprehensive solution to almost all of your residential insect problems. The spray's active ingredient is made based on a naturally occurring insecticide harvested from the inner workings of a flower. The ingredient shuts down the nervous system of most harmful insects that touch or eat it, effectively rendering them paralyzed and unable to survive.


    Why Purchase The R-Spray Application Plan?

    • Our application process is oriented to minimize negative effects on the environment
    • Studies show it is not harmful for children once applied and dry
    • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees
    • Usage of effective pest products
    • Service satisfaction guaranteed
    • Excellent customer service
    • Affordable 

    Target Pests Include; Over 73 pest insects including Mosquitoes, Ants, Wasps, House Flies, Moths, Spiders, Ticks and more!



    Contact us for your free estimation and quote!

    Prices depend on the details of your property. We work hard to ensure we can provide you pricing you will be happy with for the services you receive.


    Crysen loves animals so we took it upon ourselves to develop a service plan to protect them from harmful and problematic pests.


    Don't let your horses, livestock or pets fall prey to dangerous insects and pest-borne diseases. Contact us today.

  • The L-Spray

    Crysen's equine, livestock and pet oriented treatment option.


    The reality of it is that our pets suffer from pest problems more often than we do. Because horses, livestock and most dogs live outside for the majority of their lives, our pets are at an increased risk of getting bit by annoying insects and potentially contracting a dangerous or life threatening pest-borne disease. Thankfully, Crysen provides pet protection with the L- Spray, the effective solution for your furry friends.


    Why Purchase The L-Spray Application Plan?

    • For use to protect horse barns, pet kennels, poultry houses, livestock housing and more
    • Our application process is oriented to minimize negative effects on the environment
    • Studies show it is not harmful for humans, horses, pets and livestock once dry
    • Effectively kills targeted blood-borne disease carrying insects
    • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees
    • Service satisfaction guaranteed
    • Excellent customer service
    • Affordable


    Contact us for your free estimation and quote!

    Prices depend on the details of your property. We work hard to ensure we can provide you pricing you will be happy with for the services you and your furry friends receive.



    I used Crysen in July to help with our mosquito problems. A single treatment made all the difference in our yard. We were able to be outside without being swarmed by mosquitoes in the evening. It's worth the peace of mind with the scare of West Nile Virus. Very nice, on time and very courteous. Give them a call!

    -Linda T.

    Boulder, CO



    I have a huge yard with a wetland adjacent to my backyard. This creates a large mosquito issue for me. I called Crysen and they called me back very quickly. We spoke on a Friday and they arranged to come out for a quote on Sunday. I emailed them back and asked if they would actually do a spraying that day if I decided to go with them. They said they would and since I was hosting a family BBQ with 18 people that night, I was thrilled. They sprayed that morning and by 5 pm, we were able to enjoy our backyard with our guests! 9 days later, my yard is still mosquito free! But all my bees are happily pollinating my flowers!

    I highly recommend Crysen services. Very professional, very reasonably priced and got rid of thousands of mosquitos!

    -Karen L.

    Lafayette, CO



    Today was our first spraying and I can't be happier! These young men are very very nice and very professional!

    -Nancy F.

    Longmont, CO


    We let the results speak for themselves.


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    Customer Satisfaction Rate


    When you contract Crysen, we know that you are trusting us to not only protect your property from harmful pests, but your loved ones as well. Crysen promises to go above and beyond the call of duty to do what it takes to ensure your utmost safety and satisfaction. Be it a surprise wasp nest or a spider hideout that slipped your mind, we will do what is necessary to handle the problem and leave you and your loved ones with peace of mind.


    Furthermore, Crysen pledges to exceed all expectations in our comprehensive effort to impact the world and uphold our commitment to our community. This is the Crysen promise.


    Crysen's Initiatives In 2021:

    Crysen's Let It Bee Initiative

    Application Procedure Oriented To Bee Conservation

    Bees pollinate over a third of everything we eat and act as the centerpiece of the planet's sustainable ecosystems. Because this is the undeniable truth, Crysen would like to lower the impact that pest control services have on the species' global population where we have the capability to do so. Crysen actively attempts to minimize its impact on bee populations by enacting two practices of conservation that make up what we like to call The Let It Bee Initiative.


    To ensure the conservation of this species, Crysen has developed and implemented a one of a kind insect control application procedure meant to only target and kill the harmful pests existent on the properties we serve. The second practice in Crysen's bee-oriented initiative is our active commitment to the discovery and use of insect control measures with the least potential to damage the bee populations on our customers properties. With this initiative, Crysen hopes to do our part by minimizing our impact on the hive collapse in the areas we serve.


    International Philanthropy

    Crysen's Anti-Malaria Initiative

    Crysen donates a portion of every sale to the Against Malaria Foundation. Each donation is used to purchase anti-malaria nets for children in poor communities around Africa. These nets are hung over the children's beds to protect them from mosquitoes when they are resting and most vulnerable to being bitten. Every spray purchased helps at least one child in Africa sleep at night knowing they will not fall victim to pest-borne diseases as they sleep.


    This type of initiative is extremely important to Crysen. Crysen and its founder have a strong belief in social entrepreneurship and the potential impact that this type of socially responsible initiative can have on the world. Crysen looks forward to expanding on this philanthropic front to hopefully one day help rid the world of these devastating illnesses and leave the world a better place.


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