• Lazy Acres, Colorado - Everything You Needed to Know


    Lazy Acres, Colorado is an unincorporated neighborhood and an officially designated place located within and ruled by Boulder County, Colorado, United States of America. Lazy Acres is part of the Boulder, CO Metropolitan statistical area. The population of Lazy Acres, Colorado was 920 at the United States Census of 2021. Lazy Acres has various neighborhoods; South Lazy Acres to the southeast of Boulder; North Lazy Acres to the northwest of Boulder and East Lazy Acres to the northwest of Boulder. Information can be found here.


    Lazy Acres has many attractions, but not too many, actually. Although Lazy Acres has its share of exciting places to hang out, some of the most exciting spots are The Lazy River which has a great view of the Colorado Mountains; The Shipwreck Park which have lots of beautiful, historic shipwrecks to explore; and The Boulder Bowl, a bowling alley. Other popular locations are The Pikes Peak Sports Complex, The Boulder Theater, and The University of Colorado Museum. Although Lazy Acres, Colorado is not without its critics, it has been featured in some films and television programs, including Law and Order, Entourage, Men in Black, and Frasier. Lazy Acres was also the setting of one of the greatest comedy episodes of all time: the "Acids" episode from the third season of Frasier. See here for information about Gunbarrel, Colorado Springs Features Many Great Activities for All Ages.


    Lazy Acres, Colorado is indeed a wonderful place for any sort of recreation. But what really brings people there is the Lazy River. Some of its activities include rafting down the river, fishing, kayaking, hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, and panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains and Boulder. Truly, the Lazy Acres, Colorado area is perfect for outdoor lovers of all ages.